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by Moon River

Happy holidays tumblr. You’re gift is a brand new track available for download over at my soundcloud. Enjoy.

I know It’s been quite a while since my last audio post, but I’ll continue with this song that was recorded a few months ago. It’s an instrumental track entitled “The End of Sleep”. Enjoy.

Todays track is a more recent composition called “Dust”. I plan to release it in full with vocals in the next month, but for now here is the instrumental version. 

Friends by Moon River

Todays song is entitled “Friends”. It has changed a lot since its initial recording in 2009. Currently it takes the form of a very short and spacey interlude. Listen and enjoy!

Invisible Castles by Moon River

Todays track is called invisible castles. Enjoy.

As I said before, I’m posting a series of songs I recorded in the past 3 years. Todays song is called A Seahorse Year. It was made a while ago, (in 2009 to be exact). Enjoy!

I’ll be posting a series of recordings over the next few days, some finished some still demos. Todays song is called “Sky Below”